How To Cure Foot Odor - Got stinky feet?


by Roger Chartier:

There are lots of reasons that you might have stinky feet. Some bacterial or fungal infections may need medical attention. Mostly it is treatable. So here are some tips to remedy your foot odor before your friends, family, etc. throw you out of the house.   
Know that sweat from the many sweat glands on your feet is trapped in socks and shoes and is a host for bacteria that feed on the sweat. This causes the release of waste from the bacteria and this process causes the stench that we all aim to avoid.

First use the bathtub

Or a small foot basin and wash your feet in hot water (don't scald yourself), use antibacterial soap and remember to get in between the little tootsies.


At this point if the antibacterial soap isn't doing the trick ( It really should be enough)   I have heard of people using vodka but rubbing alcohol should kill the germs. Pour it over the entire foot and if you have a small towel you can work it into the space between the little piggies.
This can dry out the skin too much so you might want to use a nice foot lotion afterwards.
Some also like to to soak their feet in cold tea for a half hour.

Thirdly, Dry feet are the best

Way to stave of the stench from building up. After you bathe, dry your feet with a hair dryer if you feel that the towel isn't sufficient.
Wear sandals or flip flops around the house or outdoors. Let your shoes air out after wearing them. The neighbor puts them out on the sundeck for the afternoon on occasion with the laces loosened to get the most air into them.

Fourthly toss out any skanky old socks

And replace the disposable absorbent shoe liners.
Cotton socks area healthier that synthetic ones, in fact white cotton socks without dye in them are considered the best for your feet. They may not be fashionable before Memorial Day so then go with black or what ever but remember cotton is natural and absorbent.
Change your socks at least once a day. Think about how germs live. Don't put dirty socks back on. When you come home from a day at work if you don't shower right then you can change your shoes and socks.

You may have some foot disease

If you suspect that you do seek proper medical attention. Left unattended a diseased foot can fester and ...well as the story goes " A boy lost a foot like that!" Athletes foot and similar fungus infections can be treated with a salve from the pharmacy. I have had athletes foot on a few occasions and learned to avoid it as soon as it's ugly head rears up. You can get it from a gym shower room, bathtub, shower stall floor, etc.

Those with prosthetic feet

Or legs never have to worry about foot odor like we do, so if your foot odor is uncontrollable you might consider have foot removal surgery. Seek professional medical and/or psychiatric advice before any further consideration of that method.
Have a stink free day!THE END Oh! I forgot, If you have stinky feet your hygiene might really be bad and you would possible have green or lousy colored teeth. So learn how to whiten and clean your teeth.


The Author - Roger Chartier