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Ernie and his Custom "83 Wing

Here is some interesting info about how Ernie customized his bike. I like the work he does a lot and he has worked on my bike as well.

At Wally's Bar in Hampton Beach, New Hampshire

Ernie Dube from Fairhaven, Ma., a member of the GWRRA.

This is a customized '83 Goldwing Click the pictures to enlarge

It was originally brown. I really like the cooler rack on the bumper hitch. Ernie cut the bike in half and lengthened it.

He rebuilt the front end, added spacers to the springs, changed the fork oil to 30 weight, and did away with the air.
The rear shock is changed out to a coil over progressive from a GL1200.
He rebuilt the motor, modified the electrical system, paint, suspension, brakes, effect lighting, final drive, clutch. etc.
The brake pads are changed to EBC Double H and changed the rear disc to a drilled one to get rid of some heat back there and changed the brake lines to braided stainless steel.
The side bags are not the ordinary type.
They are actually luggage that can be taken off easily.

Ernie installed a GPS and Serius Satellite radio on the bike. I am going to let Ernie tell you more about the bike.

The Author - Roger Chartier