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How to change motorcycle sparkplugs

Clean the area around the where the wires connect to the spark plug to avoid any dirt or foreign stuff getting into the hole when you remove the plug. I sometimes use a soft brush and blow the dust out or compressed air.

Be sure to mark the wires so that you'll know to replace them on the correct cylinder.

motorcycle sparkplug - www.RC123.comHolding the plug wire firmly by the neck at the plug base, and gently remove the wire so as not to break it's internal connections. Otherwise, you'll be making another trip to get new wires. If your wires are old and cracked etc., you may want to replace them anyway.

Using the socket wrench, remove the plugs and check them for color and deposits. Black deposits mean your engine could have problems or is running too rich. White plugs deposits mean the engine is too lean. Light gray or tan deposits are OK.

Put new plugs on the bike first using your fingers. That helps you to feel the thread accurately as you screw it.

This helps to avoid cross threading as you can feel the alignment of the threads better.

If you can't get your fingers down into the recessed area where the plug will go, try using the  deep socket with an extender on it but without the socket wrench and just use your fingers.

You will get a better feel for the threading that way.

goldwing battery -

After you have it mostly screwed in, tighten slightly with the socket wrench.

Do not over tighten as you can break the plug or make it too hard to remove later.

I have broken plugs (twice, duh!) doing this, and I learned the hard way so that you don't have to. 

Now fire the bike up and listen to make sure that all of the cylinders are firing.  

Remember what your mother said "Have fun but don't get hurt."

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