Office Max!

Roger Chartier:

FREE SHIPPING on most orders above $50 Want to go shopping for office supplies?  OK, so go gas up the car or take a taxi $$$woman on computer shopping -

You'll have to drive out to the mall and find a parking spot.
Then walk over to the store in all kinds of weather.

How about when it snows or in the pouring rain?
Do you really like that? I didn't think so.

Then you have to negotiate the crowds and for what?
You get in the store, and look around for what you want but the place is too busy and the item is out of stock in the store.
man with shopping bags - www.RC123.comMaybe they do have it, but you wait in line for way too long.
Finally you have to carry heavy boxes to your car, and somebody almost runs you over in the parking lot. Then you drop the item right into a puddle while getting splashed with mud from the passing cars.
This paints a pretty miserable picture doesn't it! This is why I love to shop online. Ahhh! The good life! I stay at home, maybe even in my pajamas and find what I want from an
extensive catalogue and order online.

I prefer free shipping, I bet you do too :-)

FREE SHIPPING on most orders above $50 

The Author - Roger Chartier