This was a Party Store page

It will be again someday, but for now it is a good list of things to do for a party

Hawaiian Party - Luau - Cookout!
 Props and music make this party happen. Hawaiian lei's for the guests.
Just enough Hawaiian music for flavor, throw in the "Limbo" for the active people cook up a luau, or have it catered.  Big fun!!!
4th of July,
Let's have a great party to celebrate our nation's birth. Cookouts and indoor parties are fun!
Or How about Mardi Gras.
I can play some great New Orleans & Cajun Music. Get the beads and --- Ye Yai'lle Cherie
St. Patty's Day
Irish Celebration. I have a lot of Irish music.
I am a full time entertainer who has also played quite a few Irish pubs over the years.

Happy New Year!
The celebration that brings us all together for revelry and good wishes

A time for our community and family to get together  to have fun and make memories
Celebrate the holidays with parties and decorations and favors make it more memorable
Super Bowl -
Celebrate your team winning or losing what the heck celebrate football!!!!!
Valentines Day.
Better not forget this one or you're in the doghouse.
Make it memorable with a special party/dance. You've got to have decorations so...
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Mother's Day
Everybody loves their mother (even the bad guys) so don't forget your mom. She didn't forget you.. Great idea for a party
Father's Day
Dad worked his butt off to take care of you kids. Now show some appreciation. Have a party!
Beer - Beer - Beer and lot's of fun. Get your supplies of party stuff.
So many decorations and favors to get for that party... Shop below easily and quickly
DISCO 70'S - This is really A Disc Jockey Party. I am also  disc Jockey (Since 1985)
This party is happening! Solid Dance music. Yeah! baby! Plenty of Disco and 70's slow songs. 
Your guests can do that  John Travolta or Olivia Newton-John bit, and come in costume or whatever. 
This is a hopping party.  I can play a bunch of swing tunes from The Andrews Sisters to Bobby Darin and Frank Sinatra Etc.
"50's Night"    
The 50's were a fun time. I bring in lot's of nostalgic music to make the party HOP!
You get your gang dressed up in old fifties gear or just some costume hats etc. and the party makes itself happen. 
"Country and Western"
Yee! Ha! It's popular all over the country.  I can play a bunch of old country and western favorites and a few new ones, as well. Get your cowboy or cowgirl hat and let's go. Remember Hank Williams - Gene Autry- Willie Nelson - Patsy Cline or Roy Roger and Dale Evans? How About "the Sons Of The Pioneers"! 
Get the costumes on and have some fun! A costume contest is always a great idea for employees and or residents.
Weddings - Second Time around or third? The real thing or as I did a wedding party in a nursing home where the employees got brides maids gowns and groomsmen in suits.
It was a recreation of a couples's wedding sort of a renewal of vows. Nice...
Are the biggest and most important party of a lifetime. Decorate and get some favors etc. here!
 "Pirate Theme"
I have some pirate music and a pirate costume so aarrrggghhh mateys! Let's carouse and drink our grog!

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